Word of mouth advertising is, and always has been, the most fundamental method used for marketing. TaxShield Software allows you to truly harness the full potential of this marketing medium.

Establish a Referral Program that Works!

Once a client completes their return, they are automatically sent a link with their unique Refferal Afilliate link. Moving forward, once a lead enters your system from an Referral Affiliate link, that Refferer will begin receiving updates via text, regarding the status of their pending Referrals! Eliminate the hassel of tracking down return statuses, and following up on payouts for your Referrers!

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$50 Funded Referrals

$100 Funded Referrals

TaxShield offers you a way to build on the clients you already have! Not only do we give you the ability to roll out a functional referral program that can be scaled to multiple stores, or even franchise models, but also support you by providing the capital needed to fund the referrals!

Up to $100 unlimited Referral payouts for all of your Referrers
Referrers automatically receive updates regarding their Referrals via text
Print customized checks
Distribute payouts via ACH (Direct Deposit)
Simple collection process
Automated Referral system included
$0 cost/Referral

You Set the Amount; We Pay It!

Up to $100/Referrals from our own pocket

Set Criteria's

Set Criteria

Set how you want to implement your Referral program: set amounts, tie disbursements to acknowledgements, set criteria by retention or by type of return. Complete control across all account levels under your admin account.


Text Notification

Notify the Referrer’s by sending them automated text messages informing them when their check or direct desposit is ready for disbursement. Remember; if you don’t pay out your referral's as soon as possible, your Referral campaign will NOT work!

  Success Rate Reporting

Success Rate Reporting

TaxShield is able to tell you exactly how effective your Referral program is operating. It’s not just about being able to print checks and manage your stores, the CRM will keep you informed about the success rate of each individual Referrer. It's easy to know which referral got paid out and which one did not.

Set Criteria's

Check Verification

Check verification is really easy and straight forward. There are two ways check cashiers can verify that a check is legitimate: first is by an automated toll-free line with a number that’s located on the physical check; and second is here, on this website!


Extensive Reporting

Gain massive insight on your referral program by pulling a variety of reports from the CRM. Identify who your best Referrers are, before the season begins, so you can contact them and get them ready to go for another profitable tax season. Understand who’s a good referrer or a bad referrer, and set your criteria settings based on this information.

No Double entry
   Extensive reporting

Set the Criteria of Your Referral Program

Organize the parameters of how you would like your Referral program to operate. Set options such as: Disbursement amount, Retention Criteria, Referrer Notifications and many more! Set your business up for automated success!

Fully Integrated with Tax Software

Import clients seamlessly from your tax software, directly into your CRM. Once a client has had their return completed, that information can be sent over to the CRM in seconds, and will begin updating in the Referrer's profile automatically. The whole referral processes can be done in less than 2 minutes from start to finish.

 Fully integrated with Tax Software