Mass Text Messaging

In today's world; you may not always notice an email or voicemail, but you always notice when a text message arrives. Use TaxShield Software and tap into the ease of reaching all your customers all at the same time. Customers love the conveniences.

Communication is Key

Having an open line of communication with your clients is essential. Construct, manage, and send mass text message campaigns for marketing, annoucements, and automatic notifications. Keep your clients updated automatically, regarding thier return status, referral payouts, and many other alerts!


Powerful Text Message Marketing Services For Every Organization

Sending mobile text messages for marketing alerts, sales events, coupons, discounts, announcements, or notifications, has never been easier. TaxShield makes communication with your client so easy, whether it's one-on-one or a mass text message!

Send Mass Text Blast

Send a text message to 10 or 100,000 of your clients at the same time! Save money by using text instead of using up payroll money to call clients.

Customizable Phone Number

Create and route new phone numbers for any area code within the US. Whether you need a toll-free number or local number, custom vanity numbers are available to you as well.

Have one-on-one Conversations

Pick up conversations organically after you send a mass text to your clients. Once clients reply, continue the conversation in a 1-on-1 format

Send Flyers

Advertise your business by sending creative flyers and art work directly to their mobile devices

Send Holiday & Birthday Reminders

Clients appreciate Birthday and Holiday text messages to remind them that you value their business. Setting this up only takes a few minutes, but runs automatically year round.

Distribute Discounts vouchers

Send valuable offers or coupons to your clients, and drive traffic to your offices. Everyone’s loves to get a deal!

Mobile Link

Send a mobile link to clients cell phone so they can begin their tax return. The landing page can be customized to your preference, and the link can be sent through via mass text or individually.

Promote your website

Send your website URL link, so customers can go to your website and see the products that your company offers.

Studies have shown that customer response from text message marketing is the best between all marketing mediums, and content is viewed usually within 3 minutes of receipt

Speak Directly to Clients

A lot can happen during the course of a tax season. Eliminate the need for a call center staff by communicating efficiently with your clients via text. With notifications to alert you once a client has replied, it’s never been easier to address any customer concerns or requests in a moment’s notice. Having an open line of communication is how to turn new clients into lifelong clients. Tap into this powerful resource.

No Double entry

Text Message Marketing

Advertise your deals and offers by sending customers flyers and coupons. Drive more business to your store by letting your customers know about your referral program.

Keep Your Clients Informed

Advertise your promotions and offers by sending customers flyers and coupons. Having a slow day? Drive more business to your store by letting your customers know about your referral program or other products you offer. They won’t know, what they don’t know

   Extensive reporting
 Fully integrated with Tax Software

Group Messaging

Use Group Messaging to contact all your Employees and/or Managers at the same time. Update them in real time with new developments and keep them informed. In today’s fast pace business world, this is a major advantage.